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What is a Proof of Concept?

Proof of Concept is a scoping exercise to test whether an idea, a certain concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned. Via this call, we offer an opportunity for individual organisations or small consortia to spend sufficient time on testing and demonstrating the relevance of the proposed approach for establishing the societal impact feasibility of the idea. The Proof of Concept phase can also be used to build a scale-up model for a multi-year project.

Topics selected for the Proofs of Concepts should support EIT Food’s vision: a world where everyone can access and enjoy sustainable, safe, and healthy food – with trust and fairness from farm to fork.

The Proof of Concepts project ideas should have an aim to:

  • Equip individuals to make more informed choices (healthier/more sustainable)
  • Increase transparency & engagement in the food system
  • Include consumer involvement in shaping a future food system

Key dates

Launch/Opening Dates: 15.09.2022
Deadline:  15.11.2022 12:00 CET
Review Period: 15.11.2022 -15.01.2023

Important Documents

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Be part of EIT Food's new programme that will identify trends across the food system and create a valuable resource for consumer research and insights!

What is the Consumer Observatory?

The EIT Food Consumer Observatory is a programme aiming to combine EIT Food’s consumer insights knowledge in one place. This new initiative will reshape how EIT Food curates and maximises the impact of its consumer knowledge.

It will pool EIT Food’s consumer data in one place for use by EIT Food staff and partners, drive the agenda by highlighting key consumer themes and trends, that can be proactively promoted to EIT Food’s key audiences and the media.

To make sure future EIT Food activities are guided by the latest insights and trends, the project will set up an early warning/trend spotting system that highlights upcoming consumer trends and concerns.

What are we looking for?

Through this Open Call, we are looking for organisations to help us to position EIT Food at the forefront of the latest food trends, aiming to highlight major trends before they become mainstream, chased by the media, corporates, and governments for our unique insight into the impact on consumers.

Exchange ideas with peers

We have launched this campaign for you to share your ideas with other organisations interested in applying for this call. Join the community here:

Key dates

  • Launch of the call: 15.09.2022
  • Webinar on the Call's Guidelines: 05.10.2022 11:00 CET
  • Deadline for applications: 15.11.2022 12:00 CET
  • Review period for applications:  15.11.2022 - 31.01.2023

Important Documents

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